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Too Busy Being a Badass Mom Tee

Too Busy Being a Badass Mom Tee

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This one is just for the awesome moms out there! Are you tired of dealing with unsolicited advice and judgmental glares from people who clearly have no clue what it's like to be a badass mom? Well, we've got the perfect solution for you - our "Too Busy Being a Badass Mom to Give AF About Your Opinion" tee!

Made with 100% cotton and available in a range of sizes, this tee is perfect for any occasion - whether you're running errands, crushing it at the gym, or just chilling with your mini-me. So go ahead, rock this tee with confidence, and let the world know that you're a badass mom who takes no BS from anyone!


• Comfort Colors Ivory T-Shirt

• Unisex Sizing 

• Front left chest decorated with lightning smiley & backside decorated with text

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